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Dark Goddess Kindle Catalogue Cover_v02_novel

Nations will kneel in the face of a father’s undy­ing love.

Breskaro Varenni wan­dered the Shad­ow­land until the cursed god­dess Har­mulkot offered him the one thing only she could give, the one thing that still mat­tered to him … a chance to save his pre­cious Orisala.

In life, Breskaro zeal­ously served the bright god­dess Seshalla and her earthly rep­re­sen­ta­tive, the Matri­arch, as Knight Cham­pion to the gleam­ing city-state of Issaly. But his most trusted friends betrayed him to the swords of infi­dels and his god­dess did nothing.

Now returned as a wreck of embalmed flesh ani­mated by sor­cery, with a host of the undead under his com­mand, Breskaro races to ful­fill his part of the unholy pact. With the help of a mys­te­ri­ous lit­tle girl, com­pan­ions he thought long lost, and a sav­age race of lizard men, Breskaro bat­tles to save an ancient, crum­bling city wal­low­ing in deca­dence and decay.

But Breskaro’s twisted past still haunts him. The mis­takes that ended his life may defeat him once again, doom­ing Orisala to a fate worse than his own. And play­ing in the games of the gods may have unfore­seen consequences.


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