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All Sara wanted was her fam­ily, back again

But Faery Bar­gains always come with a price

And what you look for is not always what you seek.

Ever since she can remem­ber, Sara McAl­is­tar has had a knack for find­ing things. What she has not had for the last year is a family.

Since the acci­dent that stole her dad and lit­tle sis­ter, Sara has been liv­ing a lie, pre­tend­ing that every­thing was fine, and that she and her mom were mov­ing on. But when Queen Tita­nia sum­mons her into the beau­ti­ful and treach­er­ous Faery Realm, Sara gets a chance to make her lies reality.

The Holy Grail has dis­ap­peared and King Oberon with it. Sara’s knack may be the key to sav­ing them … and get­ting her life back. But there are more pow­ers at play than even Queen Tita­nia is aware of.

Can Sara use her increas­ingly unre­li­able gift to com­plete a quest that has claimed the lives and san­ity of Faery’s finest knights?

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