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Storm Phase Saga Book 2

If Ture­sobei thought becom­ing a hero would solve his prob­lems, he was wrong, dead wrong.

When the young wiz­ard joined his father on a quest for the Storm Dragon’s Heart all he wanted was a bit of adven­ture and free­dom from the pres­sures of being heir to the High Wiz­ard.
Now with war loom­ing his clan sees him as a storm-powered super weapon, and expec­ta­tions are higher than ever. But every time Ture­sobei uses his new pow­ers, they threaten to over­whelm him. And the mys­te­ri­ous des­tiny hinted at by his bat-winged fetch draws closer every day.

Then he receives a blood­stained note from Iniru, the ninja cat-girl he couldn’t help but fall in love with, and life gets really com­pli­cated.
Ture­sobei must choose, love or duty. The wrong choice may doom the world. But sav­ing every­thing he cares for might mean los­ing himself.

Fol­low Ture­sobei on his next adven­ture in this excit­ing sequel to THE STORM DRAGON’S HEART.


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