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Storm Phase Saga Book 1

Ture­sobei dreamed of adven­ture, a way to prove he was no longer a child.

Wiz­ards should be care­ful what they wish for.

Des­tined to become his clan’s next high wiz­ard, stu­dious Ture­sobei has con­stantly strug­gled to live up to other people’s demands and expec­ta­tions, but now he’s had enough.

When his treasure-hunting father arrives with impor­tant news to dis­cuss with the cur­rent high wiz­ard, Ture­sobei spies on their secret meet­ing and acci­den­tally foils an assas­si­na­tion attempt. As a reward his father invites him on an expe­di­tion to find an arti­fact known as the Storm Dragon’s Heart.

But when dis­as­ter strikes, their quest becomes a race for survival.

Aided by a sassy ninja cat-girl and a mys­te­ri­ous diary that trans­forms into a winged famil­iar, Ture­sobei must face deadly cultists, venge­ful spir­its, and a mad wiz­ard from a rival clan who’s deter­mined to use the arti­fact to destroy Turesobei’s homeland.

The Storm Dragon’s Heart will delight read­ers with a thrilling tale of exotic lands, mys­ti­cal crea­tures, for­bid­den love, and fast-paced adven­ture. (Ages 14 and up)

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