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Storm Phase Book 3

Ture­sobei may have saved the world, but has he doomed every­one he loves?

Trapped in a strange and dan­ger­ous land, Ture­sobei must find a way to get his sis­ter and his friends home. But Awasa, his aris­to­cratic fiancé, has been twisted into a mad and mon­strous crea­ture by dark magic. Now she leads an army of demons, but she still only wants one thing — him.

Aided by the bear-like goronku, Ture­sobei and his com­pan­ions race across a land­scape where the small­est mis­take can kill you. One place might hold the knowl­edge they seek, only there’s a rea­son it’s forbidden.

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You can sam­ple the Pro­logue here.