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The Arthur Pal­adin Chron­i­cles: Episode 1

Aban­doned by his fam­ily,
Trapped in a house of shad­ows,
Des­tined for more than 7th grade math.

Arthur Pal­adin doesn’t fit in. Not at home with the ultra-strict grand­mother who had to raise him after his mother died and his dad dis­ap­peared. And not at school where the teach­ers think he’s trou­ble and the other kids think he’s a freak. But every night he dreams about learn­ing amaz­ing things, the sort of things you need to know to save the world.

Then Arthur finds out his grand­mother may send him to mil­i­tary school, which leads to a fight with his “per­fect” cousin, which leads to the mys­te­ri­ous plate over his heart get­ting bro­ken, which leads to … his whole world turn­ing upside down.

Shadow crea­tures appear out of nowhere to kill him. An angelic being from another dimen­sion begs for his help. He gets locked in a house that looks like an Eng­lish cot­tage on the out­side but is actu­ally a man­sion on the inside. It’s packed with shades, fly­ing across the uni­verse, and he’s only got Mor­gan Apple to help him — Mor­gan Apple who appar­ently sits beside him every day just to call him a moron.

And that’s when life gets really weird. That’s when Arthur finds out he’s the next Mul­ti­ver­sal Paladin.

Fans of Doc­tor Who and Harry Pot­ter will be enchanted by this universe-spanning, high-octane, whim­si­cal, science-fantasy adventure.

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