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He thought he was a hero.

She showed him the truth.

When Jaska the Slayer hunts down Zyrella, last high priest­ess of the White Tigress, the spell that chained his mind for twenty years shat­ters. Faced with the hor­rors he unknow­ingly com­mit­ted in the name of a ruth­less wiz­ard, he sets out to redeem him­self by end­ing the reign of ter­ror he helped create.
Together Jaska and Zyrella seek the aid of an ancient and dying race, bat­tle deadly assas­sins, and race across a desert tainted by an evil that con­sumes all. But a relent­less and mys­te­ri­ous attrac­tion draws them to each other, a pas­sion that could save or destroy them.
In the tra­di­tion of ­­Michael Moor­cock, David Gem­mell, and Glen Cook, Wrath of the White Tigress deliv­ers a thrilling tale sword & sor­cery fans will love.


Reader Advi­sory: This book may not suit­able for read­ers of young adult fiction.

The Tales of Pawn Kor series can be read in any order.

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